Colon and Rectal Surgeons
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Colon Rectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer constitutes the most common cancer in non-smokers when combining both men and women.

The cure for colorectal cancer is primarily surgical. The tumor and the entire lymphatic drainage supply to that tumor are removed. Cancer spreads by way of the lymph nodes.

Often  improved results can be achieved by giving pre-operative radiation therapy if the tumor is suspected to have spread to the lymph nodes. Chemotherapy may also be given.

Our surgeons have a cure rate far above national averages with an extremely low recurrence rate. Our surgeons have a very high volume of experience combined with the most advanced training in surgical technique.

We specialize in methods to avoid a permanent colostomy in patients with rectal cancer. Occasionally there may be a need for a temporary ileostomy in very low rectal surgery to allow proper healing.

There have been numerous studies to show that there is improved survival and fewer complications in cancer surgery when performed by a Colon Rectal Surgeon specialist.

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